Nicki French

Nicki was born in Carlisle, Cumbria to Mum Eileen and Dad Joe. Music was destined to be in the family – dad played the drums when he was younger, and mum the violin. Nicki’s brother, Tim, is very musical too – a guitarist and singer who is a fabulous song-writer. However, her two sisters, Allison and Carolyn, stayed away from music – probably plenty to listen to already in the household!

The family moved down to Tenterden in Kent when Nicki was four years old. Always a keen singer, one of her early memories was sitting next to the radio, listening to the new chart rundown and singing along to all the songs, when Auntie Sally, her Godmother, came in and said to mum and dad, ‘She’ll be a singer when she grows up’!

The first ‘gig’ came at the age of seven, when Nicki was chosen to sing a solo – the first verse of ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ at the Infants’ School Christmas Concert! From then on there was no turning back! A few years later she won the local talent contest, and within the year had joined her first band, Krisp, run by Tim and his friend Kelvin. They worked the most salubrious places – working mens’ clubs and holiday camps – wooh!