Katie Boyle


Originally from Londonderry in Northern Ireland

Katie has always had a love and passion of every genre of music, from country right through to pop. A realization of her passion for singing came at the age of 15 when she appeared on Ireland’s young stars in their eyes on UTV. Moving to Glasgow she wanted to gain confidence and experience on her voice and performance and so joined an entertainment  company to present singing evenings in Glasgow. Gaining in confidence and becoming a very popular female vocalist she then started on the Glasgow cabaret scene.

The past 2 years she has been entertaining audiences from Glasgow all the way to Newcastle with her stunning vocals and strong stage presence.

This young lady has a powerful dynamic voice which is set for great things in the music industry

At only 21 years old Katie went on to win “The Voice of Glasgow 2015” which saw her win a deal with Energise Record and signed by www.lynnpamanagement.co.uk.

​“More than a friend ​” is the stunning debut single of Katie Boyle who is amazing music lovers worldwide with this brand new song.

Climbing various charts across the UK and Europe. “More than a friend” reached No4 in the UK Itunes Vocal Chart, no3 in the Reloaded Music Chart and notched the Top Spot at no1 in the Reloaded Club chart with the Stereo Junkie mix!!!!

This talented young lady will definitely be back in the studio later this in 2016 and will be performing across the UK at various events and venues.

“More than a friend” is available on all digital Platforms and CD copies from www.energiserecords.com